June Border 26 June 2019

I would like to bring my lover here – it is so romantic – French visitor, July 2014

A winter’s walk

It happens that one of my favourite walks takes me through the Craigmyle estate – an estate that has had connections with Crathes since at least the seventeenth century. Since it is a circular walk of three to four miles from my door it is ideal for Lockdown exercise. Craigmyle lies to the east ofContinue reading “A winter’s walk”

Goodbye to 2020

Few of us will regret the passing of 2020. Gardens and green places, however, have been a star turn during this difficult year as the outside world became the safe place to be. Those of us who have gardens realise how fortunate we are; not only is it a safe place to be, but –Continue reading “Goodbye to 2020”

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