June Border 26 June 2019

I would like to bring my lover here – it is so romantic – French visitor, July 2014

Goodbye to 2020

Few of us will regret the passing of 2020. Gardens and green places, however, have been a star turn during this difficult year as the outside world became the safe place to be. Those of us who have gardens realise how fortunate we are; not only is it a safe place to be, but –Continue reading “Goodbye to 2020”

Pushing the limits

With the mild days gone we can see how much damage the frost does generally, and how tender plants can sometimes survive in sheltered parts of the garden against expectations. Most of the fuchsias are finished for the year, but will come back in the spring. Fuchsia reflexa in the Upper Pool Garden may beContinue reading “Pushing the limits”

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